Large and Small Scale Projects

Artists often come to me with a portfolio of work or have an upcoming exhibition and have 3-15 images to process for final printing. I have also done work for nation wide organizations in larger scale production such as 200+ print orders, detailed portfolio and illustration editing, and pieces for professional exhibitions and shows. Let me know the details of your project, and we can discuss timeframes and goals. Some of my goals are keeping high quality and materials for the project, and allowing time to fine tune editing and finished appearance. Please allow enough time for your project when scheduling a larger order.

Examples of Larger Scale Projects

Laura Keller Wolf: Sand photography exhibition

This portfolio included 24 individual pieces. We proofed, and finished each photograph with a black border so they were a cohesive set and printed the finals on Moab Metallic Archival Paper. Laura then mounted each piece on metal frames.

Our proofing included both the normal 8x10 proofs + a secondary proofing to make the the gray tones matched across the full set of photographs.

Recommendation from Laura Kella-Wolf

"I brought a large, unusual project to Ani Eastwood and in the last six months, the work we've done together has created a full, twenty-four piece exhibit. I couldn't be happier with Ani's professional and creative energy! I hope to continue working together in the future." Google Review 2023


Photography Exhibition 2019 Shannon Holmes

This collection of canvas photographs wrapped floating frames showed in Stevensville in 2019 for a local artist. It inlcluded roughly 15 canvas pieces, varying from 11x14-18x24 sizes. Her work showed in Stevensville, Montana

Annie Allen: Book Illustraion Project

Annie Allen is a local Montana artist and illustrator. For her project, I photographed, and proofed 30 images for her new children's book. This proofing included both larger 8x10s to get each individual image looking right and an addition proofing of all images next to each other to check tone was close to even in the pieces as a set.

View examples of Annie's illustration projects here

Namchak Foundation Project

Edited and prepared 7 images in 3 sizes (totaling 160 frameable prints). Archival mounting and stretched canvas methods. Sizes ranging from 11"x17" to 22"x38". These pieces were processed in conjunction with a framer to produce beautiful stretched archival canvas art in gold frames. These pieces will be displayed at the new Namchak retreat in Hot Springs, Montana.


Photo examples of other projects and client work

I am a working artist who has taken years to improve skills at framing and professional imaging. If you are curious about my experience, please see the link below to my painting website or the pdf to my professional resume