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Gallery Wrap Framing

The seamless look of wrap around canvas. Finished and ready to hang or sell in the gallery.

I offer professional mirror image photoshop formatting for your image.. This will keep the original proportions of the image on the front of the frame but allow the colors and design to wrap around to the side of the piece and give the image a seamless edge.This is a much cleaner look than a white or blank side of the canvas.

Gallery Wrap framing: After years of trying to protect fragile stretched canvas from denting in transport, I developed a 1/16" wood backed version of the traditional stretcher frame. These frames have a smooth, seamless front and hard back so the canvas can never be dented. This backing also assists in producing a stronger frame that will not warp or wane in the elements over time, but it is still light because of the thinness of the wood. Unless specified, I tend to build these with slightly under 1" deep thickness. They come ready to hang with metal corner supports, and wire hanger attached. Many stain options are available for the back, so you can match the wood to your image specifications.

These frames far exceed quality of online canvas stretchers available, and are nice enough to offer as professional reproductions in a gallery setting.

Price of Gallery Wrap Framing:

To get a price for a gallery wrap frame I use a simple formula that covers my supply cost and hourly work finishing and stretching the canvas image. The quotes are split into two parts (canvas printing cost+ framing cost. Here is an example below)

Canvas Giclee Printing Cost= (Image size (width of image"+ 4"side (top)+4"side(bottom) x height"+4"side(right)+4"(left) x$0.16=

+ Optional $18 charge for gallery wrap formatting (highly suggested)

+Framing Cost (width"x height"x $0.32)=gallery wrap framing cost

Note*If frame is 11"x 14" or under, I charge $65 for flat rate for the framing, rather than use the equation above. This helps cover my materials and time building on small pieces. Building the frame is very time consuming.

Examples of cost for some basic sizes: 5% discount for multiple prints available

How much can I make on a Canvas Giclee?

For a reference to selling cost if you are working professionally, I would assume at least doubling production cost for sale of these top quality gallery prints. This assumes payment for the artist for their time creating the piece, and is generally accepted in professional art markets. For instance a 10"x20" costing $129 should sell for $225-$270, 20"x30" $550-600 etc etc. Prices go up from there depending on your career as an artist and if you want to limit and number your editions.

Photography and Fine Art Floating Frame

Floating frames are becoming more prevalent and popular in the art world, especially in photography and is growing for a look on fine art pieces. Floating frames are sometimes executed on different substrates, such as gator board or metal. I prefer a wood substrate because mounting to a gator board is very expensive and not archival. This frame design has the modern look of a floating frame while using biodegradable materials. Floating frames cast a beautiful shadow on the wall, due to the image being slightly separated from it. Please see examples below.

This method of building a floating frame is a clean and sturdy look for pieces starting at 8"x10" all the way up to 20"x40". Frames are built on 3/8"" to 1/2" plywood to give the edge a little dimension and create sturdiness, The float is pine and is securely attached via screws. The image surface is completely flat and smooth with gallery wrap edging The wood backing can be stained to preference to finish the piece.

Pricing: same as gallery wrap above. Please refer to pricing equations in traditional gallery wrap section.

Wood/Stile and Rale (Pine, Cedar, Redwood, Hemlock)

If you like the more standard look of a wood frame but don't want glass over your canvas here is a wonderful option for you. This frame style is unique. The canvas giclee is encased in cedar, hemlock, redwood or pine stile and rale frame. This creates a seamless wood backing and clean routered front edge.The other wonderful thing about this style is their thickness. This is a nice thin, light look with only 1" -2"thickness,.

Price: I have found these frames to be a little more time consuming than my other designs because of all the router work involved. However it is a very unique clean look that will impress any purchaser.


(Image size: 2" added to each side for stretching

(Image size (width of image"+ 2"side (top)+2"side(bottom) x height"+2"side(right)+2"(left) x$0.13=canvas printing cost

+ Framing Cost (width"x height"x$0.39)=gallery wrap framing cost

Example: 10"x 20" Wood/Stile and Rale Giclee ((14"x24"x$0.13=$43.68 Canvas Printing Cost)+(10"x 20"x$0.39= $78.00))=$121

Total Cost= $121.00 for Wood Framed Canvas Giclee

Just want your Paper Giclee Framed?

In some cases people have a particular frame with glass for their paper giclee they want to purchase and don't want the hassle of framing their newly printed giclee. This opens up the possibility of frame styles. In this scenario I can help you locate a suitable frame online and take your project to the finish line. I charge $65 + frame/materials cost & foam core cost to frame your piece(Quoting available). The piece will be ready to hang with acid free backing and a dust gaurd. Conservation glass is available for an extra charge.

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There are so many possibilities

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