Artistic Matte Canvas for gallery wraps 340gsm

Please see my framing/gallery wrap section on options for finishing canvas pieces. Prices below reflect un-stretched canvas, which can be purchased if you build and stretch yourself. Please see my framing/gallery wrap section for pricing on finishing for these pieces if you want a finished gallery wrap piece.

Price: width" x Height" x .13= Price (Please add minimum of 2" border all sides if the piece will be stretched.

Note* This is for canvas only and not framing behind glass. Please see my gallery wrap /wood section for finishing costs.

-------1 prints ------2 Prints ----------3 prints

8"x10": $10.40 -------$19.00---------- $28

9"x12" $14.04 -------$26.00------------$40

11"x14 " -$20.0 -------$38.00 ------------$57.00

10x20 -$26.0 ---------$49.00----------- $75

16x20-$41.60 --------$79.00----------$118

18x24--$52.60-------- $100---------- $150

20x30 $78

24"x36" $112.32

20x40 $104